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2013-01-17· If you go into the feed the beast folder and look at the configs for thermal expansion (in a folder called cofh) it tells you where they spawn, from mine it says copper at 40-75 and tin at 20-55

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Iron ore is a mineral block found underground. It is the most common mineral that can be used to make tools and armor. It is the most common mineral that can be used to make tools and armor. Contents

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Mining with this pattern is very efficient, and you will miss only the smallest ore veins. The exception to this is if you are mining for Emeralds in Extreme Hill biomes. Emerald ore is present as single blocks, so if you really want to get all the emeralds you have to place your tunnels 2 blocks apart.

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The best levels are 5-12 as shown by this chart from the minecraft wiki. That being said, the ideal levels for me are 10, 11 and 12, that way I can easily avoid most of the lava. permalink

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Copper Bars are the first metal bars in the game used to create the Copper tier of equipment. Its alternate ore version is the Tin Bar. It can also be placed on the ground and will appear as furniture.

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It also adds Gravel Ore generation for Aluminum, Copper, Tin, Iron and Gold. (Any Material not listed here would either be an Alloy or part of a different mod.) Ore Generation

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For example: Purified Tetrahedrite Dust when smelted produces 1 Copper ingot, but when centrifuged produces 6/9 copper and 1/9 zinc, and when electrolyzed in stead produces 3/8 Copper, 1/8 antimony, 3/8 sulfur, 1/8 iron and 1/9 zinc. (End game separations get complicated.)

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Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. While mining is a basic aspect of Minecraft, it is often overlooked. Every adventure requires iron and diamonds and other ore and if you're playing in hardcore mode then you need all the help you can get.

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Lapis Lazuli Ore: Lapis Lazuli is an ore block found at levels 0 to 32, with the highest concentration at level 19. Mine it using a stone pickaxe or better.

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Substratum is a mod that adds ores and crafting materials for other mods or modpacks to use. It adds ingots, nuggets, dusts, gears, and plates of various materials.

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Geocraft is a mod about geology, from ores to new kinds of stone. The main goal of Geocraft is to achieve more realistic ore gen in Minecraft, as well as adding new types of …

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2014-11-09· I love these sorts of mods. extra ores, machines and even.. EXPLOSIVES?! + A cameo from a disgruntled slime. More coming soon! get the mod here!

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Copper Ore is the source of Copper, which is used for crafting things such as Copper Cable and Bronze. Copper is therefore essential in making IndustrialCraft 2 Machines. IC2 Copper can be used interchangeably with Forestry's and RedPower 2's Copper.

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Metallurgy 4 is the 4th instalment of Metallurgy. It's main purpose is adding new ores to Minecraft and adding ways to process ores. The latter is done through the various machines Metallurgy 4 has added or will add in the future. In total, Metallurgy adds 23 ores on the Overworld, 10 in the...

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Eight of the ten deepest mines in the world reside in a particular region of South Africa, while the remaining two - Kidd Creek and Creighton - are both located in Ontario, Canada. Mining-technology.com profiles the top ten deepest mines in the world.

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Raw Aluminum. Raw Aluminum is the product of smelting Aluminum Ore or Gravel Aluminum Ore in a furnace. It can be melted down in a Smeltery to make Molten Aluminum, which can then be used to make the alloys Aluminum Brass or Alumite.

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The spawn heights of every ore type was reduced slightly in Beta 1.8. Instead of spawning commonly up to (2^n) and rarely for 2-3 blocks above that, it now stops entirely above (2^n) and starts tapering off a few blocks below that.

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An Ore is a type of Block naturally found in Minecraft. Ores are primarily collected for crafting purposes, to make items such as Tools, Armor, and more. Redstone from Redstone Ore is used as a type of wiring which ca be used to create redstone circuits, Compasses, Clocks, and other items. Coal...

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The Depth Meter is an informational item that displays the player's depth. It is required to craft the GPS, which can then be used to craft the PDA and the Cell Phone . The Depth Meter is dropped by Cave Bats, Giant Bats, Jungle Bats, Ice Bats, Salamanders, Giant Shellys, and Crawdads .

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Aluminum Ore is a world generation ore block from Tinkers' Construct mod. It generates in the Overworld, once per chunk. It spawns in veins of 6 and between heights of 64 and 0.

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Operating depth: the maximum depth is 2.6km below surface. This gold mine operated by AngloGold Ashanti in the Vaal River region, in South Africa, is located 15km southeast of the town of Orkney. 10.

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In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to mine in Minecraft. There are so many ways to approach mining in Minecraft. I want to cover some of the ways you can get started whether it is careful planning or just jumping right into it!

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Tin Ore is an ore found commonly in upper layers. It can be smelted into Tin Ingots or turned into two Tin Dust using a Macerator, Pulverizer, or Rock Crusher . In the Pulverizer, it has a 5% chance of also giving one piece of Pulverized Iron .

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Osmium Ore is a strong mineral that can be found at nearly any height in the world, and is one of the three ores added by Mekanism. Like other ores, it can be either smelted into an Osmium Ingot, or ground into two Osmium Dust using an Enrichment Chamber.

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Redstone ore drops 4-5 redstone dust, and lapis lazuli ore drops 4-8 lapis lazuli. Note this can be increased greatly with fortune . All ore blocks except iron and …

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Copper Ore is a resource that is used to create various items, the most notable of which are Bronze and Copper Cable. It is found between layers 10 and 70, and usually in groups of up to 10 blocks. It occurs more commonly around layer 40, as of Minecraft 1.6.